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the others is the touring name of the other APT, a multi-artform exhibition that coincided with the 5th Asia Pacific Triennial by the Queensland Art Gallery, with a similar focus – of art within the Asia-Pacific region. However, in the interest of protocol, best practice and inclusiveness, artworks were sought more locally, from Brisbane and beyond, to highlight the fact that Coastal areas have an interesting hybrid mix of artists, right here, right now, and also in dialogue with the first people of Australia.

’One of the nagging criticisms of Brisbane’s hugely successful Asia Pacific Triennale has been their handling of ‘the Aboriginal problem’ and finding a space for the Asian and Pacific within us; those local Australian societies of Asian and Pacific heritage who have had a long and deep relationship with our national identity; though often folded/secreted within. Finding a credible comfortable conceptual space and opportunity for local participation rather than artist heroes from major economic giants of the region has lingered as a quandary of what has otherwise been a major achievement’.
Djon Mundine APT: Aboriginal People Try - 'The other APT' Artlink Magazine, March 2007

The primary curatorial premise of the others is to show works from Indigenous Australian Artists, and also show meaningful works from other Artists that may constitute them as a friend in culture and good visitor to this country, in meaningful dialogue and otherwise. In other words, Aboriginals actively engaging with other Aboriginals, and those from other cultural backgrounds - Torres Strait Islander, Melanesian, Samoan, Maori, Japanese, Filipino and others from outside the Asia-Pacific Rim (even Australians!), providing a true survey, commenting on individual and shared experience. Naturally some of these works are collaborations - existing works, and also works produced especially for the other APT, but all really important discourse, culturally and historically towards the importance of place, ceremony, ritual, legend, identity, politics and mutual respect.

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view the website for the other APT: http://www.cybertribe.culture2.org/theotherapt/2006