Full View'in the mean time’ responded to the governmental refusal to sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was recently considered by the United Nations General Assembly. The process was brought to a stalemate during the 61st session in September 2007 by Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. The Artists in the exhibition are representative of the four countries, commenting on the times that we live in.

'in the mean time' was held at Raw Space Galleries in Brisbane from December 7, 2007 until January 9, 2008

... and then toured to the Neue Galerie, Dachau, Germany which opened January 24, 2008 until March 9, 2008.


James Luna, Gordon Syron, Christine Christophersen, Sharyn Egan, Nadia McLaren, Adam Martin, Andrew Hill, Bethany Edmunds, Kewana Duncan and artist / curator Jenny Fraser.

See the photos from the Raw Space show: http://renarts.jalbum.net/rawdec