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Darrell Sibosado

Anga Jawal 2008

Engraved Mother of Pearl with Silver Catching

Design by Darrell Sibosado, Crafted by Garry Sibosado

Photographer: Marian Rabic

Artists Statement

"Anga Jawal" in Bard means - Whats the news? Tell me a story?

This contemporary design depicts an elder (storyteller) passing on information to the youth. The concentric lines represent the passing on of information and lore from one individual or generation to another and depicts this information rippling out from the original source.


Darrell Sibosado is a Bard man from Lombadina on the Dampier Peninsula of the Kimberley Coast, Western Australia. Although of mixed heritage, Darrell primarily identifies with his Aboriginal heritage and believes it is the most powerful and defining aspect of his being. The Bard people are known for their intricate mother of pearl etchings.

Although a practising artist, with various commissions to his name, it is only in the past three years that Darrell has concentrated on developing his arts practice for public presentation and exhibition. His work is informed by the traditional motifs and techniques of his people. Primarily focussed on the creation of etchings, Darrells work transfers well into print media and graphic design, an area he has been exploring recently and one for which he is developing passion and skill.

Darrell also works closely with younger brother Garry incorporating the traditional Bard materials of mother of pearl, bone and ebony with precious metals such as silver and gold in the design and creation of contemporary jewellery and sculptural objects.