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Maryann Talia Pau

“Faamolemole, pe mafai ona tatou lalaga faatasi?” Samoan. 2009

“Please can I weave with you?”


dried pandanus, shells, black satin ribbon, cream organza ribbon, black cotton lining.

Breast plate. l:50cm, w:38cm.

Artists Statement

"My art and craft is a work in progress. It’s not the beginning and it’s certainly not the end. For now, it’s the making of body adornment pieces. These are pieces that have lived in my mind (and art books) for many years. Designs like these take time and love and patience. I’m always looking forward to what I can create next. Each piece reflects a change in how I think, how I see the world, how I see myself. But each piece comes from love. For me it has to. Love for who I am, for my family, our earth, our land, our people. Always love. Because love is power.”


Born in Samoa, Maryann Talia Pau grew up in Auckland, Aotearoa NZ and then Melbourne, Australia. Married to a Murri from Queensland, Maryann and her family is based in Melbourne.

For now, her work focusses on body adornment using materials from Samoa such as seeds, shell, feathers, pandanus, tapa. Maryann is also interested in mixing ancient craft techniques and materials with new and western ones to create works that investigate and contributes to Indigenous identity and place. Maryann's other passions are design, fashion, architecture gardening and food. For Maryann, art represents healing and connection, to our families and ancestors before us and to each other across the globe.  


November, 2009
Object Gallery, Surry Hills, NSW
Precious Pendants Exhibition
Breast plate, "Mo lo'u Tama" Samoan, "For my dad"

August, 2009
Craft Victoria, Melbourne, VIC
Perspective Exhibition
Breast plate, "Fa'amolemole, pe mafai ona tatou lalaga faatasi?" Samoan, "Please, can I weave with you?"

October, 2008
Commission work, Melbourne, VIC
Linda and Vika Bull
Shell necklaces

October, 2003
Campbelltown Art Gallery, Campbelltown, NSW
ArtStart, Youth Week, Minto Young Women who are Parents
Painting, "Honour the Yearning"