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Samuel Tupou

the landing 2009
Silkscreen on high density PVC
120cm X 160cm

Artist Statement

‘The landing’ is homage to the famous ‘Ham and Pineapple’ pizza also known as the ‘Hawaiian’ pizza or the ‘Tropical’ pizza’. Throughout the Pacific Islands the spit roasted pig or ‘pig on the spit’ is of high cultural importance and is prepared on occasions of celebration and commemoration.  In this work the ubiquitous pacific Island pig roams free and feasts on pineapples in a strange new land.


"My work utilizes printed imagery salvaged from mass media and popular culture sources. Through the re-invention and repetition of these discarded remnants, I am attempting to create new narratives, which portray both personal and shared histories.

My work is heavily inspired by traditional Tongan and Pacific Island Tapa cloth design, I have incorporated design elements such as layers of pattern and repetition of symbols and motifs into my work to create new tapa which speaks of immigration, westernisation and identity within a global context."


Born 1976, Dunedin, New Zealand; lives Cairns, Queensland

After studying printmaking at University in Townsville and later Lismore, Samuel Tupou moved to Cairns to Start a T-shirt company and soon became a member of the exciting art collective - ‘The Upholstery’. Tupou, with his New Zealand and Tongan heritage, uses pattern derived from traditional Tongan Tapa or barkcloth design which he sets against the stylized images and wildly artificial colours of western pop culture. Referring to this quest to explore his cultural identity, Tupou’s images have been described as equal parts Tapa and Warhol.

pineapple princess 2009
Silkscreen on high density PVC
120cm X 160cm