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image: from the other[wize] catalogue 2005


Publications & Reviews:


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Included in...

Edited by Dana Claxton, Melanie Townsend, and Steven Loft 
This book of essays by artists, curators, and scholars frames the landscape of contemporary Aboriginal art, the influence of Western criticism and standards, and the liberating advent of inexpensive technologies including video and online media.

“To govern ourselves means to govern our stories and our ways of telling stories,” artist Marjorie Beaucage is quoted in the book, speaking about the creation of the Aboriginal Film and Media Arts Alliance in the early 1990s. “It means that the rhythm of the drumbeat and the language of smoke signals can be transformed to the airwaves and modems of our time. If we remain true to the value of traditional storytelling practices, we can use the new technology without destroying the culture.”

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Authorial Publications:

- 14 Cultural Apartheid : ISEA Sydney (unedited version of the article below),, September 17

- 14 Cultural Apartheid and the Superhighway across the sky, Artlink Magazine , Vol 34, no 2

- 13 'alterNative Curators Manifesto', September 18

also upcoming:

12 'The Digital Dreamtime: A Shining Light in the Culture War', Te Kaharoa

12 'Superhighway across the sky' in Reverse Shots - Indigenous Film and Media in an International Context, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Canada, July 2012

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